What is Charger Connect?


As your business grows and downhole activity increases, so does your need for a solution to keep all your assets and information organized. With so many things for your team to focus on, your battery purchases, battery data and inventory management is now easier to keep running smooth.

Introducing Charger Connect , the industry’s first cloud-based software that provides “cradle-to-grave” support for all your Charger battery packs.

With everything organized under one on-line platform, Charger Connect integrates your entire battery pack’s life into one whole view. From date of purchase to generation of battery recycling certificate, your entire battery asset and inventory status is at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere you have internet access.

Charger Connect has every aspect of your battery packs covered. And with its robust reporting tools, Charger Connect makes analyzing and sharing your data easy so everyone that needs to know, will be in the know, in real time, no matter how far apart you are.

Frustrated by endless paperwork to find out one thing about your battery packs? Take the guessing game away no matter what data you need. Charger Connect is cradle to grave battery management software. Charger Connect will improve productivity, help you make better decisions, support cross functional roles, and will allow your team to be more efficient.

Charger Connect. Empowering your team to do more.

Cradle to Grave

Track your all your Charger batteries through their entire life cycle. From their purchased date to the date it was recycled and certificate issued.

Improve ISO Audit

Charger Connect’s recycling module allows you to follow the proper process of a battery post usage handling. You can track every step of this important phase, from when your battery is purchase, received, sent in for recycling and correctly disposed. Plus, you’ll have finger-tip access to download any battery’s recycling certificates.

BOLT Library

Previous Tick Libraries are accessible through Charger Connect which securely uploads and maintains log files in the cloud, giving you, or anyone you assign access to your latest logging data. Charger Connect also provides BOLT’s online graphical analysis tool along with extra features, including but not limited to:

  • Parallel view
  • Annotations
  • Share a link access

Software Releases

On-going improvements and modifications of Charger Connect are quick and easy. You’ll always be given access to our software releases, release notes and documentation.

Email Subscription

Everyone will be in the know. Register your user(s) to receive email notifications to view key battery information such as:

  • Recycling certificate available
  • Software release
  • CBX library activity


Soon to be added is our new support ticket module. Getting the help you need is only a few clicks away with Charger Connect. You’ll appreciate the easy-to-use interface and how easy it is to communicate directly with the Charger team for all support, request, repair, or general queries. Each ticket is tracked, assigned and followed-up with status for each ticket request.