Pigging Packs


We manufacture custom battery packs for a range of pigging applications, for a multitude of conditions.

Your pipeline tools need to perform their very best. With an objective to help you achieve operational capacity, safely and with longevity, our battery packs are engineered to the highest standard of excellence.

Serving the down-hole industry for over 20 years, Charger has masterfully combined high performing battery power solutions with high level engineering and design resources to supply all your custom battery requirements. No matter your application needs, we will ensure that your pipeline inspection and cleaning tools experience a reliable source of power, reducing downtime and retooling costs.

Once you have power, you need something to package that power. To support your battery procurement requirements, we offer complete manufacturing and assembly of your battery pack. Once power requirements are determined, Charger will package your battery pack to work seamlessly with your tools. A team of experts, coupled with cutting-edge design and manufacturing technologies, will provide you with a custom housing battery pack. No matter how complex the design, we have the expertise, tools, materials and machining to manufacture your complete battery pack with precision, and to exact specifications. Consult with one of our design experts to learn more.

Charger Industries can help you find and develop a battery that will suit your needs.

Contact us and we will find a solution for you!