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Charger Industries has established itself as an industry leader in the down-hole battery market, supplying quality products around the globe for over 13 years.

Built on a solid foundation of drilling knowledge we have grown to provide intelligent MWD solutions as well as a full line of High-Performance Drilling Motor Lower ends.

At Charger, we continue to add value through quality service and technology.

What's New

Tick Talk 1.32

Tick Talk 1.32 is ready to download. Tick Talk now has the ability to export single Data Event Logs (Charger Battery Session, .cbs) from connected batteries and battery files. These files can then be opened separately to show single Data Event Logs and battery summary information without importing all of the data from the battery. The manual has been updated to show how to use these features.  Please give us… Read more

03 Nov 2014

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Charger is an industry leader in MWD battery technology. We provide the highest quality battery packs coupled with the very latest in downhole battery monitoring technology. Charger can supply you with all of your MWD power requirements.


Charger Industries has a full line of standard and custom MWD components to service all of your tools. Come see the difference our technology can make in your tools.